Power, Purpose and Peace…

November 14, 2009

My power comes with purpose,

My presence is your peace.

My love is your life,

I have set you apart.

You are a marked warrior of the kingdom,

A warrior for my peace in a world of stress.

My kingdom is coming.

I am on the move.

Open up, give up your life,

I have set you apart.

The rain is coming,

Feel it rest on your face, the coolness of my peace.

Let it wash over you, recieve.

I pour my love over you and over this place.

Dance in my rain, get wet.

Let my power, might, strength, peace and love soak to the very core of your being.

This rain is life.

I am the giver of life.

I rain living water over you.

Let it flood your heart and overflow,

Let my joy bubble forth.

I am your God, your King, your Saviour, your Friend.

Let my will be done.

This is something God spoke to me the other night while I was spending some time worshipping in my room. I have been contemplating the purpose of my time here at Cambridge ever since I began the course. I know God has sent me here and that He has provided this incredible opportunity for me here but I have been wondering what the point of it was. Theology is very interesting and I enjoy studying it, but I have had a sense that my studies are not the point of my being here. I know that sounds crazy for a student at one of the top universities in the world but I just know that that is not my purpose here. I’m sure God intends me to study and learn and I know that it will be incredibly useful for the future but it isn’t why I’m here. I think that the fact that it isn’t why I’m here is the point really, I believe that God wants me to be an example of His peace in a place where there is huge amount of stress, pressure and expectation. Because my studies are not top of my priorities, they don’t worry me. I know that God and my pursuit of Him is what matters and in the light of that, all else fades into insignificance. I am able to know peace in a place of stress. Isn’t that so typical of God, putting things backwards! God is so very good at turning things around, His peace passes understanding (Philippians 4:7) ¬†and it is the pursuit of understanding that causes the opposite of peace here! It isn’t something that we can strive, His peace is just a gift that we receive because He loves us. The closer we come to Him the more peaceful we are, for He is a God of peace. What a privilege it is to be an example of that peace here. There is a purpose to His power, perhaps I have discovered a little of that purpose for me this week…