More than dusty books…

January 20, 2010

I have just begun again the adventure that is a term at Cambridge. It has been an odd experience returning here after a wonderful time during the holidays at home. I was excited to see all the things going on in The Beacon Church and really wanted to stay at home and help out with that rather than return to studying. This whole idea was not helped by a difficult essay on a topic I had little interest in this week. The other day I sat in the University Library reading a dusty book and wishing I was somewhere else. But I wasn’t somewhere else. I was where I was. And there was a purpose in that. God had planned for me to be in that moment and to be exactly where I was.

It is often a difficult thing to think about the amazing plan that God has for each of our lives. Exciting of course but I often find myself wishing I was further forward in the plan or even back in a part of the plan that I loved once upon a time. It is so easy to get stuck in the past or in the future. I think thinking about those things is important, it is wonderful to reminisce of the wonders that God has done in my life over the years and to think on and get excited about all that is in store on the road ahead. But this is not good if it means we miss what he has for us now. Today. In this moment.

That’s the beauty of God’s plan, it isn’t just a series of events planned out on a timeline. It is deeper than that. He has a desire to work wonders in our lives in every single moment. He loves us, His children, so much that He wants to be involved in every minute detail. He is interested in how each second of our lives pans out. He wants to use each moment to draw us closer to Him, to bring us into a deeper, fuller relationship with Him and to work with us to bring more of His love into the world we live in. God wanted me to read that book in the Library, with what particular purpose I’m not sure, perhaps with no purpose in and of itself other than to further my education and to help me in obtaining my degree. One thing I do know is that I didn’t embrace that moment. I didn’t give God the space to move, I just dreamed of somewhere else. It was a shallow moment. I didn’t let myself enter into the depth of what God had in store for me. I saw the book in front of me and only saw that. I didn’t look beyond into what God had for me in that time.

I’m not saying that unless we are wonderfully happy and completely sure of the incredible plan of God for every second of the day then we are missing Him out and should be working harder to see it. I haven’t a clue quite what God is up to in my life a lot of the time but I do know that when I really offer a moment to Him and allow Him to move He meets me and we do that moment together.

I want to do more of my journey with Him. I want to take each step hand in hand with the God who loves me completely and knows exactly what is going on every step of the way. I want to live a deep life, seeing beyond the sometimes boring or frustrating parts and into the face of my God who is behind every moment watching over us and walking with us as we go along the adventure together.

So here goes, this term I will try to embrace the journey with Him. Every step. Not just the exciting ones all of them. Even the dusty books in the library…


3 Responses to “More than dusty books…”

  1. Miriam said

    Joseph this is amazing! You’re so right – it’s really easy to forget that every little thing we do is part of God’s plan! Thank you for reminding us! xxxxx

  2. Josh said

    Generally I am pretty skeptical about blog posts because for the most part I don’t think they serve any useful purpose. I am glad to say that you’re blog is quite different, it has provided me with helpful insight in a way that is easily accessible.

    Congrats man, solid stuff.

    J x

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